Our Leadership

Who we are and what we do


  • This year, we supported successful passage in the Maryland Assembly of police body camera legislation, a domestic violence bill dealing with dating relations, and the Second Chance Act which passed the legislature but the Governor vetoed. 
  • Last year,  we supported successful passage of several domestic violence bills, marijuana decriminalization, a county ban the box bill, and restoration to a full complement of School Resource Officers.  
  • In 2013, we helped Gov. Martin O’Malley pass the most sweeping gun safety bill in the country while continuing our efforts in Montgomery County to expand the police force and provide youths with alternatives to crime.
  • Former Councilmember Ervin initiated several truancy efforts, including a Truancy Court Pilot Program now expanded to 8 middle schools in this county.
  • The Commonweal Foundation funded a summer program for low income youth in Long Branch that included academic and sports programs
  • The Police Department initiated the  “Safe City” program in Downtown Silver Spring which includes greater communications between police and businesses and as well as greater use of information from videocameras. 
  • In previous years, the Maryland assembly enacted several bills that Safe Silver Spring had supported, including domestic violence, nuisance abatement, and Safe Schools Act.
  • The County Executive reformulated the Youth Advisory Councils to have more of a voice in youth programs.
  • Established a partnership with 3rd District Police Division and working relations with many organizations. 

​​Safe Silver Spring Co-chairs:

Woody Brosnan, Amy Cress and Alan Bowser


Board of Directors 

Alan Bowser

Woody Brosnan

Justin Chappell

Amy Cress

Evan Glass

Tony Hausner 

David Hondowicz

Daniel Koroma

Caren Madsen

Renato Mendoza

Jacob Newman

Connie Raab

Jeffrey Thames 


Legislation Committee

David Hondowicz, Chair

Community Outreach Committee 

Daniel Koroma, Chair

Police Liaison Committee 

Justin Chappell, Chair 

Communications Committee 

Caren Madsen, Chair 

Safe Silver Spring is a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in Montgomery County, Maryland.  The organization was founded in 2009 by community activist Tony Hausner.  It is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors and works under a committee structure. 


A simple mission is to develop strategies, partnerships and program goals to keep Silver Spring a community where people can live, work, travel, shop and play safely.  As a vital link between the community, law enforcement officials and legislators at the county and state levels of government, Safe Silver Spring holds quarterly meetings with the District 3 unit of the Montgomery County Police Department, community forums on public safety issues, events to promote safety and works to keep the community informed on issues of importance.  Safe Silver Spring testifies before the Montgomery County Council and the Maryland State Legislature to support legislation.