Just six miles from the nation's capital and with a population of about 72,000, Silver Spring, Maryland is one of the 10 most diverse communities in the United States, according to a report published on the Wallethub website.  The community is about 46 percent Caucasian, 27 percent Latino and 26 percent African American, There is also a very large Ethiopian population in Silver Spring. The community's population mix is a particular strength. The crime rate in Silver Spring is relatively low and there is a harmonious blend of many cultures that make the community special.   ​ 

Mark your calendars:

Our next public quarterly meetings with the police:

  • Oct. 17, 7 p.m. at Third District Police Station, 1002 Milestone Dr., Silver Spring.
  • December 13, 7 p.m.   

The community we serve


“If you asked anyone why they came here,  from big developers to residents, their number one, two or three answer will be diversity. " 


Reemberto Rodriguez,

Director of the Silver Spring Regional Services Center

Through an all-volunteer board of directors and partnerships in the community, our goals are

The mission of Safe Silver Spring is to develop strategies, partnerships and goals to keep Silver Spring, Maryland a community where people can live, work, travel, shop and play safely.


Our Mission

  • to support youth development,
  • ensure effective relations between members of the community and the Montgomery County Police,
  • strengthen communities through neighborhood programs, and
  • raise awareness about ways to maintain a safe community.

The Safe Silver Spring Legislative Committee monitors legislative initiatives at the Montgomery County and State levels of government.  As needed, we endorse legislation and provide input by way of testimony and participation in local events related to legislative proposals.

Tips from the Police . Find their events and tips here. 

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